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Life isn't easy when you're a book...

Entitled is the story of a Book seeking to find a home as it is passed from one Reader to another. Along the way, it reveals its own story, The Serendipity of Snow. 

As it is read, misplaced, loaned and abandoned, our Book, like the Readers of its pages, discovers love and heartbreak, loneliness and friendship, and ultimately becomes the author of its own journey.


In the end, Entitled examines the pull between the story we are born with and the one we wish to create for ourselves.

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Blue Ink ~ May 2021


Cookie Boyle has written a smart, funny, and heartfelt novel that captures the unexpected adventures in the life of a book. (Her) charmingly anthropomorphized literary characters present astute and whimsical observations....Told from its unique perspective, this is an imaginative, well-written narrative. For bibliophiles looking for a lighthearted, clever, and fun read, Entitled proves a perfect offering. (read the full review here)

Kirkus Reviews — June 2021


A unique and playful work about books that nicely pushes the limits of characterization.


Five Star Reviews from Readers 


If “Toy Story,” “The Art of Travel,” and “Sense & Sensibility” had a love-child, it would be this refreshing novel. I highly recommend it.  

Bill Baker ~

A thoughtful and captivating read from beginning to end. This book made me laugh (out loud) and reflect on my own "humanness" - often both at the same time. 

Denyse ~

This is so different from anything I've ever read before (and I think what most people have ever read before, to be honest!)...This is perhaps one of those books that you think just won't work – but for some reason it actually does. This is most likely because it is in fact written well.

The One With All the Books and Plants! ~